The Orphan’s Story.

So the Orphan is a movie about a little girl named Esther who lives in a christian adoptive house for 7 to 9 year old girls. It starts out when a married couple gave birth to a still born and the mother, Kate Coleman, and husband decide to go adopt a girl so they can share the love that was meant for their supposed to be daughter. They meet Esther and decide to adopt her, however bad things start to happen whenever Esther is around. Something that I found very similar to Eli in “Let the Right One In” is the fact that they are very advanced in knowledge at “such a young age”. Eli was very skilled at puzzles and other sorts of things while Esther is way more advanced in sexual knowledge than a normal 9 year old girl would be. That right there leads to another similarity because although Eli and Esther physically are very young (Eli being 12 and Esther being 9), they are actually much older with Eli being thousands of years old and Esther actually being a 33 year old with hypopituitarism. However, Eli is a vampire while Esther is not so that is a difference that I should point out. They are similar in the fact that they are both killers with spotty pasts. Esther has been adopted before, but she killed the adoptive family when the father was refusing Esther’s sexual advances. It is also revealed that Esther goes by a different name of Leena Klammer, while Eli has a somewhat other name of Elias (which by the way is a Sports Bureau, so I could smell a possible lawsuit haha). In the end, Leena dies because she got kicked in the face and sank to the bottom of a pond while holding a knife behind her back while she was clinging to Kate’s leg. Eli however doesn’t die, but instead runs off with Oskar so they can live..well however they feel like. That right there is a very important difference that could be used in a potential essay.

I also noticed one more thing that is sort of similar between the book and movie, but this is more a background and full story thing rather than actually between certain characters. Kate and John have a daughter who is deaf, so they communicate with her using sign language. Oskar and Eli communicated between the house walls by using morse code. While the languages are no where similar, I thought it was an interesting note that there was a second language that was being used in the “Orphan” and “Let the Right One In”.

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Oskar Meyer Eli :]

So we discussed in class about whether Oskar made the right choice to go off with Eli or not. Me personally, I feel that Oskar did indeed make the right choice in going with Eli. During the story, Oskar and Eli hungout a lot and even started tapping morse code just to talk to each other through their bedroom walls. Eli and Oskar also shared a bed together in the evening, which a guy wouldn’t normally do with a girl (or whatever Eli is) unless if they like her in some way, and that includes liking her just to get at her. He and Eli (whose gender is yet to be determined, but who is also accepted by Oskar) seemed to be really close with each other, much so that Oskar wanted to be “blood brothers” with Eli and they shared an intimate moment together down in the basement. At the end of the story, Eli saves Oskar from potentially being killed by Jonny and Jimmy, which alone also gives Oskar a good reason to run away because it symbolizes the fact that Eli cares enough about Oskar to go save him. After the fact though, I found it a touch disturbing that Eli would kill the J. bros. My guess is that she wanted their blood or she just enjoys killing? I have no clue.  Anyways, this was probably the best story out of all the things we read this semester. Now for that essay >.<

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The Orphan

Even though I have yet to see “The Orphan”, I have enough of an idea about it to know how it can relate to LTROI. I want to use this for my third essay due to the nature of the children, them looking innocent but having a dark background. It seems like a good idea because I am choosing a topic of little kids in scary movies/stories. I am also using LTROI due to Eli and her 12 year old appearance, so he/she technically qualifies as a little kid.

Should be interesting to see how this works out for me.

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Another post.

I put up a picture of the little girl/guy/vampire from “Let the Right One In”. Hopefully it showed up. She is the same girl from the book, I think.

On the topic of the 3rd essay, I may have a little trouble writing it since we will probably have to use 4 or 5 “scholarly research sources”, 5 or 6 pages, and the fact that it is essentially a free-write can actually make it a little more tough since you have nothing to base off of. This will be interesting to see what we can use to write this. Anyways, happy hunting for your final essay.

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Just a new post.

So after hearing about this new essay that’ll be due, the third one that is, it makes me a bit nervous. What if there wasn’t much that I was too curious about? I mean I know we still have a ways to go in the class, but I haven’t been able to really delve into anything any deeper mostly because I haven’t been as super interested in this stuff. Maybe it’s my short attention span. However I will add the disclaimed of, things are starting to pick up and the stories are getting way better. The book we are reading now “Let the Right One In” seems to me that itll be a book that really holds my attention for a long while since I for some reason seem to be really into graphic stuff. Maybe it’s just my vivid imagination. This book has the potential to be the best one, even though Salem’s Lot was a really good book in its own right.

Just my food for thought.

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The Emperor of Ice Cream

To speculate on it’s meaning is to think real deep as to what the book is about. Why Mr. King would place this poem in the book is something you should ask him about. hah. However, in my opinion this quote is a very deep and mysterious quote that sort of represents Salem’s Lot itself. Salem’s Lot is a place that has a lot of skeleton’s in it’s closet and dates back a ways. While the quote itself may not be as old as “The Lot”, it speaks in a sort of older time period. I cannot quite put my finger on it but this poem seems to be talking about a more relaxed and homey feel, at least in the first section of the poem. In the second section, it seems to be a bit more sensual as it talks about covering a face, or horny feet sticking out to show that she is cold and dumb.

As to why King put it in his poem however, I do not know the answer. I guess because it seems to flow with the story, that might be why he stuck it in there. It could have also been used to foreshadow the things that may occur later on in the story. This is probably the only sort of explanation I could give you.

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As of 12:00 AM tonight after we all officially turn in our Dracula essays, we are now officially done with the Dracula book. I will come clean in saying this…I absolutely HATED!!!! that book..yes HATED!!! it…

The old english style writing absolutely put me sleep like no was the perfect book for a person with insomnia to read b/c it was that bad. The journalistic style writing did not help matters. I have to rank this book right up there with Frankenstein as one of the worst reads that I have ever had the displeasure of reading. More than once, I had to go back over the same part of the text over and over again just to understand what the hell is going on there….

To those who have claimed to read this book multiple times…well good for find something else better to occupy your time with, like playing with a slinky or ripping George W. Bush for his 8 year run of idiotness… So as you can tell..I have a strong disdain for this book..let’s just hope the next set of books aren’t this bad or else I will be in for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG semester.

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Dracula and all he stands for….

To the Victorians, Dracula represented a couple of things. He represented the unknown because of the fact that the Victorian age people had no idea of who Dracula truly was. He also represented fear because of all his prevalent myths that circulated about and the horrors that occurred and could be blamed on Dracula.

His fear inducing state was personified in the scene where Johnathan Harker was shaving and he ended up cutting himself because he was startled by a noise. When Dracula saw the blood he immediately lunged for Harker’s neck, which shook up Harker quite enough.

The unknown was in all represented by Dracula’s character, mainly his demeanor. The boxes that lay around, no one knew what they were all for. The fact that Dracula’s castle had no mirrors or that Dracula never drank or was never around in the morning also left a lot of confusion in the faces of the people.

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Prospective essay topic.

I am not going to lie, I think this book maybe a tough read because of the older-ish style writing. I read a different version of this book a little while ago and it put me to sleep. However, since I have no choice in doing this essay I will probably end up picking the first essay topic since it mostly relates to just the book and not any previous reading material. One thing I do feel is that the way we talk about Dracula with that first essay means having to make a vivid description of not only Dracula himself, but also the setting around him and the people that he interacts with. A good way for me to accomplish the task of writing this essay would be to make a note of how Dracula interacts with the people, however this maybe a difficult task due to the tough read that it is for me. Who knows, maybe if I just sit down and read it then it may not be so bad. Otherwise, I will have to force my way through it. With what I am saying, note taking of everything I notice is the best way to go about my essay.

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Me versus the vampires and Dracula.

My past experiences with vampires have been very limited. The only knowledge of vampires I have comes from any television show I watch or off the chocolate Dracula cereal box. Usually most of those vampires aren’t dark, dreary, rapists, or live in a dark creepy room or castle. Those are the kinds of vampires that little kids can watch on the television and learn from. Mr. Count Dracula off of Sesame Street does not feed on humans, but instead teaches little kids how to count. The Count Chocula off the cereal box was just that, a character off a cereal box. His cereal tasted great, but that is all you can really say about him.

However, a couple of other vampires that I have seen ala Blade and the dude off of Twilight, haven’t been the type of vampires/dracula’s I have seen before. Blade, I believe, was a half vampire and half human who killed other vampires who feed on human blood. Blade shared the immortal portion of the vampire part, yet he was also still living as a human. The other portion of vampire that I know is the vampire off of Twilight, Edward Cullen I believe is his name. While I find Twilight to be a disgusting insult not only to vampires, but also to the male species due to his glitter nature. No straight man can walk around and be taken seriously if his face is covered in GLITTER. Come on now? Glitter on a man screams homosexual (no offense to any out there, I promise). However, what he does share in common with stereotypical vampires is that he is way up there in years, he is an attractive looking man, he is immortal and has superhuman powers, and he is attracted to younger women. However, I do feel Twilight is pushing underage relationships as okay, but that is just me.

In comparing this experience to my formal experience with the vampires in the stories in this class, the setting of the Blade(s) and Twilight(s) have been completely different than in say Varney or Carmilla. Blade, the first one, took place in the middle of the city and subsequent surrounding areas. Twilight was mostly outdoors, partially in a forest, or so I have seen from the previews. However, the three stories tend to take place in some sort of castle in the outskirts of the town and not in the middle of a major city. They do share the immortal trait and they do seem to share the fact that they love their women. Physically, all the vampires were the same in how they looked good and such, yet they went about their lives differently. Blade was a half-vampire who killed off vampires, Twilight’s vampire loved a whiny teenage mortal human, while the three story vampires tended to want to feed on the humans. This should really be interesting to say the least….

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